The Garden Primer

The Completely Revised Gardener’s Bible (Second Edition)

The most comprehensive, entertaining, down-to-earth one-volume gardening reference ever. Remarkably complete, this is the one: the indispensable one-volume reference guide to gardening simply, beautifully, and well. It’s jam-packed with useful information, old-fashioned common sense, and a lifetime-worth of experience, and is thoroughly revised and expanded throughout to be 100 percent organic in its recommendations.

Updated with the latest on plants, soils, tools, and techniques, it covers everything, including:

  • The basics of landscaping, with an emphasis on sustainable methods.
  • A guide through the nursery jungle. Understanding what plants need and avoiding complex rules and unnecessary formulas.
  • How to choose and combine flowers for season-long color, setting the foundation with perennials and accenting with annuals.
  • Extending the season – that’s right, harvest carrots in January.
  • The secret to raising roses without fuss, lawns without excess needs, vines with discipline and trees that will enhance your property.
  • New information on native species, new sources for plants and gear, new and more efficient techniques, and new innovative tools.
  • Complete instructions for growing and tending approximately 370 plants.
  • More than 500 illustrations, easy-to-read diagrams, and design plans for all types of gardens and landscapes.

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Published: 1988, 2008
Author: Barbara Damrosch


“An extraordinarily comprehensive guide.”

— San Francisco Chronicle

“A fine introduction to horticulture.”

— The New York Times

“Covers just about everything you could think of, and then some.”

— The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Best of the crop.”

— House Beautiful